Discovery Kingdoom

We at Discovery Kingdom Trade scientific instruments like to emphasize in the first place that the goal that we are keen to achieve all our potential is to maintain the confidence and satisfy our customers in the name of the company and the level of Kingdom discovery continuously . The way to do that is sincere and translation process of the High logo developed by the Our ​​monument eyes of all its employees represented in: “Quality is .. care to perfection and excellence always” to offer our customers the same quality of metal detectors and in all honesty and keenness.

We are fully confident that we realize that practically through your dealings with us that is the real area which confirms we believe what we say, what we seek here with our pages surfers this is only a modest attempt to get acquainted and communicate with everyone, enjoy your stay with us .

We hope that writes to us from God in that good communication and good handling, with sincere thanks, we are pleased to be with you always in your service with the help of God Almighty

The company was established in 2006

Kingdom of discovery EST for scientific instruments trade in 2006 as a company working in the framework of detectors gold and precious metals and aimed at the development of all areas of the underlying mineral exploration and modern scientific techniques, in addition to determining the course of addressing the challenges in this area.

The operating company of the discovery Kingdom through the world ‘s most powerful companies for the manufacture of metal detectors and water detectors and cables detectors and Albaibat underground at depths of up to 350 meters and focus on research . Through this structure , the company seeks to establish a niche in the field of exploration to convert renewable prospectors ambitions into reality for business in the detection goals observed by others , as well as the upgrading of the status of our company as a global center for quality and excellence in the exploration sector and clean technology . Such an integrated system to build a strong company able to focus on all of its business units . It provides interaction in the exchange of knowledge and technical development a significant competitive advantage for ” Company of the discovery Kingdom” which aims to make a profit through the ability to move flexibly and intelligently in the field of development rapidly .

A comprehensive methodology that contribute to the occupation of the discovery Kingdom forefront in this important sector, and to ensure the continued focus on the pursuit of leading technologies and systems feasible, offering innovations in the markets and provides you with training courses

The discovery Kingdom wholly-owned company to a personal account, which aims to stimulate and activate the biological processes in the field of exploration Company of discovery kingdom private company Emirati licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under the number (678) was established since 2006, for the purpose of providing marketing services hardware-specific scientific global efficiency and advanced technology in the world of search for minerals mystical land of gold and silver, diamonds and other ..